The Launch

A complete launch system done for you. Just bring your copy and graphic



Done For You

Love the idea of Kajabi but feel overwhelmed by getting started? Maybe, you don’t understand tech but know Kajabi is the direction you want to go, or you just do not have time to figure it all out yourself. This is going to get you the customer experience you have always wanted without the hassle of spending hours or even days figuring out how to do it yourself. 



Kajabi Audit

Do you already have Kajabi but feel a little lost on how to make it all work? Maybe you want to use Kajabi and enjoy tech but want to speed up the process. This is for you!


The Launch


~ Landing page

  • Automations set into place so price increases automatically upload to your landing page
  • Customized URL 

~ Offer added to your sites storefront 

  • Updating the storefront with an evergreen product / landing page once the course is complete

~ Offers set into place

  • Information you wish to gather from your customers
  • Customized service agreements
  • Order bumps 
  • Auto expirations on offers for price increases
  • Quantity limits are set for offers with limited spots
  • Redirection to current offers after cart has closed 
  • Bones of a personalized purchase email with all links and buttons attached so that you just have to go in and add your copy 
  • Access dates are set for offers that are set for customers to gain access on a specific day
  • Restricted access dates for offers that a customer only has access to for a specific amount of days.  
  • Personalized checkout 
  • Coupons for any percentage or dollar amounts you wish to offer 

~ Course build-out

  • Video play button branded with your brand colors
  • Modules branded with your brand colors / graphic
  • Workbooks loaded
  • Videos loaded 
  • All modules built out 
  • Drip setting correctly set up so that modules drop on the dates you prefer 
  • Converting course to evergreen once all modules are completed 
  • Link added for quick access to your Facebook group (if applicable)
  • Upsell blocks for other offers added to your course (if applicable)

~ Email Marketing 

  • Countdowns available   
  • Scheduled emails with links and buttons for module drops
  • Scheduled emails with links and buttons for hot-seat calls
  • Template for promotion emails during launch

The only thing you will be responsible for is 

  • Outline how many modules and drop dates
  • Graphic
  • Copy for landing page and emails 

Done For You 

~ 2 1:1 calls with Sarah to discuss your Kajabi needs and desires 

  • The first call will be to discuss how you want your site / courses to look as well as anything you will need moved over to Kajabi from any platforms currently being used 
  • The second call will be to look over your finished site and / or courses within Kajabi to assure you love the finished look 


~ 2 revisions to the site 

  • 1 for the homepage
  • 1 for the offers and products after they are moved over / created in Kajabi 

~ Up 3 products / courses moved into Kajabi 

~ Grandfathered into exclusive pricing for THE LAUNCH

Kajabi Audit 

~ 1:1 Call 

  • Audit of existing site before call to optimize your page 
  • Screen-Sharing demo's for any questions you come prepared with
  • Access to screen-recordings for reference